Our Philosophy

Our aim is to create a 'Metropolitan Product Gallery' that introduces the ingenious aspects hidden in a product’s structure or components by viewing all facets of an item. This is the origin of the name of our company 'Metropolitan Gallery'.

One of our desires is to show you to a deeper world through the products we offer. We want to actively introduce products you will like so much that, before realize it, you will have already been enjoying them for ten or twenty years. Developing products together with external collaborators who resonate with our ideas as well as sending and distributing these products both domestically and abroad ? These are our main projects.

The products we produce or select are rated very highly both domestically and abroad. We are confident that this is due to customers recognizing our sense of beauty and our desire to respect the back stories and histories of the products.

Please look forward to our continued engagement in creative and original activities in the future.

Metropolitan Gallery Inc.
CEO Yuji Shimotsubo

Our Brands


METROCS is an interior design brand that handles historic masterpieces that were designed in Japan and Europe. We carry products that are timeless and will increase in value over the years.

We find joy in discovering authentic quality items that are not yet widely known, and introducing them to our customers. We are collecting these types of products in one place in order to expand worldwide as a single brand.

Our wish is to remain a brand that knows true authenticity.


n-crafts@metrocs is a craft brand that introduces products made using excellent Japanese traditional crafting techniques. The concept of the brand follows METROCS's policy of introducing quality products that match the following selection criteria:
・Products recognized as having a modern design and sophisticated form
・Products made carefully and skillfully by hand in Japan
・Products made using traditional techniques but that also creatively attempt to break new ground
・Products that are fully functional in everyday life and are reasonably priced

'n' of n-crafts stands for 'native (to Japan)' and 'next'. The brand offers new forms of crafts in areas including interior accessories, kitchenware, etc. to add color to your daily life.

Company Profile

Metropolitan Gallery Inc.

Business Outline

Import and Export of interior Goods, Production of Original Furniture, Retail and Wholesale of Product Design Furniture, Interior Goods and Japanese Handicrafts.


Mar. 1993
Metropolitan Gallery Ltd. is established.
Apr. 1993
Interior shop 'Metropolitan Gallery' is open in Sapporo.
Oct. 1998
Product development department and Wholesale department are launched as 'Metropolitan Products'.
Sep. 2000
Online shop '' is open.
Aug. 2002
The shop name is changed from 'Metropolitan Gallery' to 'METROCS'.
Mar. 2003
The company is changed from limited to corporation.
Apr. 2003
Opend Tokyo Office as business lacations.
May 2003
The branch shop 'METROCS TOKYO' is open at Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Mar. 2007
The online shop is moved from Sapporo office to Tokyo.
Feb. 2008
'Metropolitan Products' is moved from Sapporo office to Tokyo, and the name is changed to 'Wholesale Division'.
May. 2008
'n-crafts@metrocs' is launched as the craft brand of Metrocs.
Oct. 2008
Domain of Online Shop is changed to ''
Feb. 2009
Sapporo office is separated, and head office is moved to Tokyo office.
Mar. 2010
Overseas Sales Division is launched.
Apr. 2013
Launched Merchandising Division from Wholesale Division.
Sep. 2019
'nuskool' is launched as an original brand in collaboration with young designers.


6-18-2, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004

Head Office

TEL +81-(0) 3-5777-5938
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Marchandising Div.

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METROCS Online Shop

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Wholesale Div.

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Overseas Sales Div.

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METROCS Sapporo Main Store (8engine Inc.)

1F, Takusyoku Bldg. 28-145, Kita10jonishi 16, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0010
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METROCS Sapporo Ebetsu (8engine Inc.)

14-1, Makiba-cho, Ebetsu-shi, Hokkaido 067-0005
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